Sunday, September 17, 2006

Well it's first sermon at church! From the feedback I received things went well. I know God was in control because everything related to the sermon I'd prepared, without there being any planning beforehand. I just hope it spoke to the congregation as much as it spoke to me preparing it. that bits well and truly God's department though!

On a related subject, I'm hoping to hear soon when my diocesan panel will be which is a sort of precursor to the dreaded BAP or Bishop's advisory panel...ahhhhh!!! God's in charge though so no real worries. My final reference goes in tomorrow, so watch this space!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just come across a fabulous website called 'Visions'. It's for a church in York for people who don't like church. That may sound like a contradiction but it isn't because church and faith in Christ are not synonymous. If you don't feel comfortable worshipping God in one way then try another...God doesn't mind, as long as your heart is right. I think that's the thinking and I'd go along with that.

Take a look:

On a less spiritual note, Tom has AT LAST lost his first tooth. He's been wiggling it for weeks and desperate for it to come out. After a day of furious wiggling it's at last given in to the relentless pressure. I hope the tooth fairy is used to the sight of blood because he managed to smear it all over his T.shirt!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

What have I done to deserve this????

My cute little son who used to choose Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry when he was allowed to have TV, now selects Euro-Sport channel instead!! He's only 6!!! Now I have the sounds of racing cars and roaring football crowds coming from the square box in the corner...ahhhhhhhhh!

Oh well. At least he spends most of his time outside...doing what? Yes you've guessed it...playing football.

On another topic, it appears Tony Blair has finally decided to announce his departure. He's probably hoping it will stop people asking him when he's going to resign. It can't be alot of fun being a polititian if you're at all sensitive. But then sensitive polititians probably don't exist. They're skins are thicker than a body builders biceps! Must be why Arnie's gone in to politics!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tom starts his new school tomorrow and we are all a little especially. He's a friendly chap but it's always daunting making new friends and being accepted in a new place.

I don't go back to work until Monday...bliss. The downside is that now Tom is back and I'm not, there really is no excuse not to clean the windows, grrrr.
Sooo true...sadly. do I start. Talking isn't normally something I find difficult...this is another thing altogether though!

I'll explain more about the title later...sufficient to say I'm a Christian and I love it, but sometimes we, (Christians) make life so much more of a straight-jacket than we should.

At the moment I'm exploring whether I should enter the Anglican Ministry and should find out either way in the next few months.

I'm married with one son, Tom age 6, two guinea pigs and none of the dogs, cats, stick insects or hamsters that my son would love us to adopt!

I'm currently working as a Speech and Drama teacher and have been known to be pretty dramatic on occasions myself!

Went on a bike ride with Tom today. Shattered once we got back...I do MUST more exercise!

Time for a nap I think.....