Friday, August 08, 2008

It's our 20th Wedding Anniversary next week and we celebrate this weekend. We have always tried to do something special, a weekend away in a lovely hotel, dinner out, trip to the theatre...fabulous. But what is really important, is for us to spend time away together, just us. I think some people see it as selfish to go away without children, but I think all couples would benefit from making time for one another. All too often the busyness of everyday family life can get in the way of the relationship which should be at the heart of a family. We guard that closely and I hope that we will continue to do so.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

One year down, two to go!
Everyone I meet says how quickly my ordination training is going..and in some ways I agree. It doesn't seem long ago at all since the First Years on the new SNWTP course gathered for our first weekend away. Yet I am just back from Summer school and the first year is over..eeek! (See photo above of the end of year Panto..'Snow White and the Seven Ordinands' - a play wot I wrote, in which we students satirised the course and staff as much as possible!). Here's a quick extract

Wicked Queen: Reflective Mirror on the wall, Who has the brightest hair style of all?

Mirror: I’m not sure, I’ll have to think a little more carefully about it, maybe do a pastoral cycle on it, look at some relevant artwork, re-read Laurie Green, and then reflect a bit more. Could you come back a week on Tuesday?”

Wicked Queen: No I couldn’t!!! I’ve got endless assignments to mark, I only have a very small window to find out the answer!!! Tell me now, or I’ll smash you to pieces!!

Mirror: Oh ok,I can be an Activist under pressure! Your hairstyle is definitely the brightest and coolest in the land!

Wicked Queen: That’s more like it!

In other ways it has seemed an age since I much has happened. I've met so many new people, i've stretched my thinking and my abilities, my views have been challenged and reflected upon...(Oh how I hate Theological Reflection!!!!) It's been a fantastic experience though, and I thank God for every bit of it so far. I just hope that my 'formation' (whatever that actually is..) is successful and my course study of the Bible has such a positive effect that I am, as Paul says 'equipped for every good work'. Because, am I going to need it!!!