Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So...how do I start. Talking isn't normally something I find difficult...this is another thing altogether though!

I'll explain more about the title later...sufficient to say I'm a Christian and I love it, but sometimes we, (Christians) make life so much more of a straight-jacket than we should.

At the moment I'm exploring whether I should enter the Anglican Ministry and should find out either way in the next few months.

I'm married with one son, Tom age 6, two guinea pigs and none of the dogs, cats, stick insects or hamsters that my son would love us to adopt!

I'm currently working as a Speech and Drama teacher and have been known to be pretty dramatic on occasions myself!

Went on a bike ride with Tom today. Shattered once we got back...I do MUST more exercise!

Time for a nap I think.....

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