Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Health and Safety!!!!! Grrrrrr.
I went to the Walker Art Gallery with Tom's school last week. I know that public places have to be VERY careful these days because of the risk of a member of the public suing them at any given opportunity, but think I've seen it all now! A sign was displayed in all rooms which said:

"Do not sit on the floor - splinter risk."

Well you can see what they're getting at... It would be so easy to ignore such a major risk to my health and wellbeing. I could settle myself down to admire a Monet or Titian and then without warning be attacked by a splinter and mortally wounded...disfigured for life by an innocuous looking piece of wood embedding itself in my behind!!!! I am so glad that I read the notice. It could have been really serious if I hadn't????!!!!

Grrrrrrr...hate health and safety....mumble....grrr...mumble, mumble.

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