Sunday, August 01, 2010

I thought I'd better update my blog as the last few weeks have been very busy. I have started my curacy and am really enjoying it so far. I love the variety of what I am doing, the people I am meeting and the new challenges which are being thrown my way.
It is no secret that I love to be busy, I love to be around people socialising and having fun and also to talk about God and how he works in individuals lives. Sharing spiritual insight with others is one of the main ways in which I grow.

However, as we are now into the school summer holidays, things have gone fairly quiet. Less services, less events, less stuff to DO. Whilst I am really looking forward to the inevitable busyness that September will bring I am becoming aware that I need to use this time to connect more closely with God, to establish greater discipline in my one to one time with him and to pray for the needs of the parish...
This is what I need to is also what I need to BE...a person of prayer.

Please pray that I will be able to focus and develop spiritually over the coming months...that God will fully equip me to take on whatever he has in store.

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