Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's a little daunting to think that I will be studying Theology again soon. I first studied it when I was at Uni 20 years ago. I came away with a passable Biblical Studies degree, but haven't really gone out of my way to do much 'deep' stuff since. I have on occasions had the need to research some subjects in depth, in particular 'The Ordination of Women', and have been amazed at the amount written on the subject. The stuff I've read has ranged from the 'extremely well argued and researched' to the 'total hogwash' spewed forth by those who really don't have a clue what they are talking about. The perpetrators of such drivel usually begin from their own standpoint and seek to prove it without any regard to the opposing arguments. I have encountered good and bad on both sides of the divide, so please don't think I am taking a pot shot at the anti women priests brigade..I'm not.
The other subject I've had some interesting discussions about over the years is Calvinism and in particular Limited Atonement and Predestination. The Atonement has always been a subject I've found fascinating as there are so many different interpretations and explanations of it. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to investigate it further.. if it is ordained that I should...hmm.


Michael Astley said...

so please don't think I am taking a pot shot at the anti women priests brigade..I'm not.

I'm sure the "anti women priests brigade" will be pleased to hear it. Seriously, though, surely this is akin to them making reference to "she-priests" and the like. Without meaning to be disrespectful to you - especially not on your own blog - I think that proponents of both sides of the discussion lose themselves a lot of credibility when they have to resort to terminology like that.

I onced witnessed a conversation between a female CofE priest and a male priest in the Continuum, and one would never guess from the genuine warmth of the conversation (that surpassed mere exterior politeness) that either one had deep personal convictions that the other was a large part of what was wrong with the Anglican family.


Crunch said...

Sorry Michael, you're completely right. The term wasn't helpful.

I have been exposed to some pretty extreme attitudes already (I don't mean 'extreme opinions', I'm fine with those and will discuss the issue with anyone in a reasonable way), but find those who get angry and patonising difficult to accept. The comment was a result of my frustration in that direction I'm afraid.

Michael Astley said...

Well that's quite understandable. I've been spat at for other reasons and know that it can be damn frustrating at times. I find that a glass of port often helps. :-)