Thursday, August 07, 2008

One year down, two to go!
Everyone I meet says how quickly my ordination training is going..and in some ways I agree. It doesn't seem long ago at all since the First Years on the new SNWTP course gathered for our first weekend away. Yet I am just back from Summer school and the first year is over..eeek! (See photo above of the end of year Panto..'Snow White and the Seven Ordinands' - a play wot I wrote, in which we students satirised the course and staff as much as possible!). Here's a quick extract

Wicked Queen: Reflective Mirror on the wall, Who has the brightest hair style of all?

Mirror: I’m not sure, I’ll have to think a little more carefully about it, maybe do a pastoral cycle on it, look at some relevant artwork, re-read Laurie Green, and then reflect a bit more. Could you come back a week on Tuesday?”

Wicked Queen: No I couldn’t!!! I’ve got endless assignments to mark, I only have a very small window to find out the answer!!! Tell me now, or I’ll smash you to pieces!!

Mirror: Oh ok,I can be an Activist under pressure! Your hairstyle is definitely the brightest and coolest in the land!

Wicked Queen: That’s more like it!

In other ways it has seemed an age since I much has happened. I've met so many new people, i've stretched my thinking and my abilities, my views have been challenged and reflected upon...(Oh how I hate Theological Reflection!!!!) It's been a fantastic experience though, and I thank God for every bit of it so far. I just hope that my 'formation' (whatever that actually is..) is successful and my course study of the Bible has such a positive effect that I am, as Paul says 'equipped for every good work'. Because, am I going to need it!!!

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but you should LOVE theological reflections!!

thanks for the drink tonight!!