Saturday, October 18, 2008

I was reminded yesterday that I only have about a year and a half left before ordination...this came as no surprise, but did set me thinking about how unprepared I really am for the whole thing!

I have been on two funeral visits this week which I obviously can't comment on in any detail here, it is enough to say that one of them was pretty harrowing. Even though I only had to sit there and care, it was a difficult experience. Whilst I realise how much there is still to learn before I will be remotely ready to start my curacy, I also feel very affirmed in these daunting situations.

It has occured to me that ministering to people is not just what I want to do, it is what I am! Am I changing my theology on the ontological nature of ordained ministry? I'm not sure.. I DO know that I believe that all Christians have a specific calling within which Jesus channels his love and through whom he chooses to fulfill his purposes. Whether that means all are included in the ontological nature of calling (just different callings), I don't know. Can a teacher really not be a teacher when s/he is not teaching or a Doctor not be a doctor when s/he isn't on duty?

I will have to reflect on this further.


Carlos said...

Hello, just happened upon your blog and would like to recomend, if you haven't read it yet, G. McDonald's novel "Thomas Wingfold: Curate"; it is a brilliant work and you might be encouraged by reading it..



Crunch said...

Thanks Carlos, I'll look into it. :)

thoughts of a person on a journey said...

not reflect?!!!!!!!!

Crunch said...

Unbelievable isn't it?? Lol :)