Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A MeMe

Pets: Two Guinea pigs
Married: Yes...for 21 years
Children: A fabulous son-aged 9
Smoke: Never
Drink: Wine sometimes, fizzy pop..toooo much
Exercise: Not if I can go in the car..which is bad because I usually can
Spend Your Life On Facebook: Yep...only way to keep up with college friends
Play On A Sports Team: see exercise...
Belong To Any Organizations: Church of England, AWESOME, CPAS,SNWTP
Love Your Job: Not my present one, it is ok but I am looking forward to what comes next..Ordained ministry...7 months to go!!
Like To Cook: Yes..Paella, Thai, Italian, Roasts...if it tastes good I will cook it
Play An Instrument: Ha ha ha
Sing: ummmm....nooooo (see above)
Dance: well I have been known to but only after too much falling down water...
Speak Multiple Languages: Nine (that's German for NO by the way, not the number..)
Ice Skate: Well I can stay upright..mostly
Swim: Yes and usually underwater
Paint: Used to paint landscapes in oils
Write: Yes, mostly plays and now sermons too..
Ski: Only once
Juggle: Why?
Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: No, nearly moved to Canada a few years back but I am so glad I didn't..(There's no place like home, there's no place like home...)
Roller coasters?: NO!!!!
Enjoy sppending time with your family? Definitely
Ever think about the price of petrol?: No, why would I? I have to buy it anyway...see exercise
Sleep with a fan on?: I live in England, how often would I need to do that?
Spelling?: Not bad but I occasionally need a dictionary..
Ever type "kik" instead of "lol?: Kik ???
Know how to play chess?: Yes but badly.
Ever miss being a little kid?: I enjoyed the freedowm we had to roam...but if I was a kid now I wouldn't have that...those days are long gone..sadly

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